16 April, 2020

NEAR PI:s and other Swedish aging researchers wrote an opinion piece for Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet, regarding age discrimination during the coronavirus pandemic.

7 April, 2020

Professor Ingmar Skoog, head of the Gothenburg Population studies and member of the NEAR Steering board, is interviewed on Swedish Television, Channel 4, on 6 April (in Swedish).

12 July, 2019

Read about NEAR in the second issue 2019 of “äldre i centrum”, which is a research magazine on older adults and aging. ÄiC 2-19 ARC_Latest

29 March, 2019

Read about NEAR in the second issue of SVEPET (Memebership journal for the Association of Swedish Epidemiology). http://Medlemstidning för Svensk Epidemiologisk Förening