NEAR at the Nordic Congress of Gerontology
13 June, 2022

Photo: Maja Rudolphson For three days 8-10 June, NEAR attended the 26th edition of Nordic Congress of Gerontology which this year took place in Odense in Denmark. The theme of this year’s congress was CHANGE & CONTINUITY and NEAR participated as one of the sponsors and had an exhibition booth[...]

NEAR attended the SNAC 20 year Jubileum retreat
7 June, 2022

NEAR consist of 15 databases and four of those belong to Swedish National Study on Aging and Care (SNAC). This year SNAC celebrating 20 year, and recently they met at a Jubileum retreat in Stockholm archepelago. Researchers and the data collection staff working with the SNAC met at Djurönäset, Stockholm,[...]

NEAR is looking for a Data Scientist
18 May, 2022

NEAR is looking for a highly capable system developer with a central role in the development of the national e-infrastructure for aging research (NEAR). Your daily work will include a mix of system development, maintenance of existing systems, system communication, data management (transformation, uploading, extraction) and statistical strategies for harmonization.[...]

NEAR – Swedish Meeting for Alzheimer Research
28 April, 2022

NEAR participated at the Swedish Meeting for Alzheimer Research in Aula Medica, Stockholm. The KI President, Ole Petter Ottersen opened the conference followed by H.M. Queen Silvia. The NEAR Scientific Coordinator, Debora Rizzuto, held a presentation about dementia research within NEAR. Other speakers during the day included the NEAR Board[...]

Change in cognition and body mass index (BMI) in relation to preclinical dementia
11 April, 2022

To investigate whether cognitive decline drives weight loss in the early stages of dementia, this study examined the longitudinal association between body mass index (BMI) and cognitive capacities in individuals who did or did not later develop dementia. By using three NEAR population-based studies: The Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging[...]

Steering Board meeting 7 March
23 March, 2022

The NEAR Steering Board held an E-meeting on March 7. At the meeting, various topics were discussed, such as ongoing applications and projects, new personnel, budget, the new contract for 2023-2028, and future activities in NEAR.

NEAR presented at webinar about older adults’ health
24 February, 2022

The Scientific Communicator of NEAR, Linnea Sjöberg, presented NEAR and talked about older adults’ health at a seminar arranged by Länsnykterhetsförbundet, Västra Götaland on 24 February, 2022.  Around 200 persons attended the seminar and it rendered discussions on the importance of studying health in older persons, aging in Sweden and[...]

Ingmar Skoog has started a podcast: “25% with Palmgren and Skoog”
21 February, 2022

The NEAR Steering Board member, Ingmar Skoog, has started a Swedish podcast together with the journalist Anders Palmgren entitled: “25% with Palmgren and Skoog”. 25% with Palmgren and Skoog is a podcast that addresses the view of older persons (65+ years) and wants to start a debate on important issues[...]

Miia Kivipelto – “Five ways to decrease your risk of dementia”
21 February, 2022

The NEAR Scientific Advisory Board member, Miia Kivipelto, was interviewed in the daily newspaper DN on how to decrease your dementia risk. Miia explains that the FINGER method is a toolbox with five concrete things you can do to reduce your risk of dementia, and the best effect is achieved[...]

Deadline: 18 February 2022 – NEAR is looking for a Scientific Communicator
7 February, 2022

NEAR is looking for a Scientific Communicator where the primary task is to promote and facilitate ongoing communication and support for the National E-Infrastructure on Aging Research (NEAR). The assignment includes: continuously work with the project’s own website (WordPress), as well as with news and calendar events related to the[...]

Miia Kivipelto – New book “How to decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease”
20 December, 2021

The NEAR Scientific Advisory Board member, Miia Kivipelto, participated in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon where she talked about her new book release on how to decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which she has written together with Professor Mai-Lis Hellénius.   Watch the program here

NEAR presented at the 7th annual Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University
2 December, 2021

The Database Coordinator of NEAR, Alexander Darin-Mattsson presented NEAR at the 7th annual Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications (DISA) in Växjö, Sweden, 1 December 2021.