Higher education does not influence brain aging
4 May, 2021

The NEAR Steering Board member, Lars Nyberg, was interviewed on Swedish science radio (“Vetenskapsradion”) about his newly published study in PNAS, which found that higher education does not influence brain aging. The study includes more than 2000 individuals from several European countries from the Lifebrain consortium. The study found that[...]

Steering Board meeting 3 May
4 May, 2021

The NEAR Steering Board held an E-meeting on May 3. At the meeting, various topics were discussed, such as procedures for handling NEAR applications, user-fees, electronic application systems and the upcoming NEAR workshop.   

Why do we have ageism in Sweden?
30 April, 2021

The NEAR Steering Board member, Ingmar Skoog, and NEAR Societal Advisory Board member, Barbro Westerholm, participated in SVT Forum, 30th of April, where they discussed ageism in Sweden. Watch the program here (starts 3 hours and 3 min into the program)

Dissertation, 16th of April: Ying Shang
26 April, 2021

On 16th of April, Ying Shang at Karolinska Institutet, defended her doctoral thesis entitled: “How can older adults combat diabetes to achieve a longer and healthier life?”. The objective of the thesis was to investigate the impact of prediabetes and diabetes on health and survival among older adults, and to[...]

Multistudy Integrative Research Conference in Cambridge
26 April, 2021

NEAR’s Scientific Coordinator Debora Rizzuto and Database Manager Alexander Darin Mattsson participated in “Optimising Multistudy Integrative Research”, a conference held at the Wellcome Genome Center, Cambridge, UK at 18-20 September. Themes ranged from approaches for multistudy analyses, to challenges and solutions related to heterogeneity, data sharing, and measurement harmonization. Researchers[...]

Experts on the alleviations for older adults: Enjoy but still be careful
24 April, 2021

The NEAR Steering Board member Ingmar Skoog, University of Gothenburg, understands the joy of finally getting to meet children and grandchildren for those who have been vaccinated. However, he wants to point out that one still has to be careful: “Even if you are protected from severe disease, one should[...]

Lunch Webinar Series: The Ageing Brain, April 12
9 April, 2021

The  Strategic Research Area Neuroscience (StratNeuro) will hold a lunch Webinar with the title: “The Ageing Brain” on April 12. The NEAR Director, Laura Fratiglioni and NEAR Scientific Advisory Board member, Miia Kivipelto, will participate and talk about: “Dementia in older adults: the body-mind connection”, respectively “Multidomain precision prevention for dementia[...]

Congratulations! Ingmar Skoog has been awarded “Senior of the Year 2020” in Sweden
7 April, 2021

Ingmar Skoog has been elected “Senior of the Year 2020” by the membership magazine SPF Seniorerna. The jury’s motivation: Ingmar Skoog has persistently raised his voice for older individuals. To protect older adults, both during the pandemic as well as under normal circumstances, one needs to have deep knowledge of[...]

Apolipoprotein E DNA methylation and late-life disease
24 March, 2021

The aim of this study was to investigate whether epigenetic changes in the DNA of the APOE gene affects the risks of dementia, Alzheimers disease (AD) or cardiovascular disease (CVD). By the use of two NEAR population-based studies: the Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging (SATSA) and the Screening Across the[...]

Want to be a Postdoc in NEAR?
23 March, 2021

NEAR is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to conduct work on structural brain imaging data acquired within the longitudinal population studies of older adults included in NEAR. The postdoc researcher will mainly be working with NEAR data harmonization for brain-imaging variables related to the project. The major goal is to[...]

Prognostic model developed to assess inpatient care visits in Sweden
10 March, 2021

The goal of this report was to evaluate and validate a forecast model to assess the need for inpatient care, especially for individuals aged 80 years and older. This was examined using three NEAR population-based studies: the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care in Skåne (SNAC-S), Kungsholmen (SNAC-K) and[...]

Covid-19 data collected within NEAR
9 March, 2021

The local databases in NEAR: H-70, SNAC-K, SNAC-N, SNAC-B, SHARE-Sweden, and SWEOLD are collecting data on Covid-19. The Gothenburg H70 Birth Cohort Studies started collecting Covid-19 data via surveys between December 2020 and January 2021, where 1103 participated who were 75-76 years old and born 1944 were included. This was[...]