June 12, 2024

NEAR at the Nordic Congress of Gerontology (NKG)

Photo: Janina Mahmoodi

On June 12-14, NEAR attended the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology (NKG) 2024 held in Stockholm. Bringing together gerontology knowledge and innovation, the congress theme was ageing in a transforming world. Over 850 attendees from more than 44 countries participated in the conference. NEAR was featured with an interactive booth where attendees could explore a wealth of NEAR-related materials, including informative folders and the latest research.

Photos: Maria Yohuang and Linnea Sjöberg

Additionally, NEAR hosted the spotlight session “Nordic Infrastructures for Ageing Research: Promises and Pitfalls”, chaired by Björn Halleröd and Debora Rizzuto. This session provided an overview of some major Nordic countries’ current population-based infrastructures focusing on health and aging. The session started with four presentations of Nordic research infrastructures including 1) Danish Twin Registry and Research Center presented by Marianne Nygaard; 2) Swedish NEAR presented by Laura Fratiglioni; 3) Norwegian Tromsø Study (UiT) and HUNT – Trøndelag Health Study conducted by Bjørn Heine Strand; and 4) Finnish Research Infrastructure for Population Based Surveys (FIRI-PBS) introduced by Hanna Tolonen.

Photo: Maria Yohuang

The session closed with a panel discussion among the presenters led by Björn Halleröd. This provided a closer look at Nordic health research infrastructures and they shared their experiences, work methods, and legislation. The discussion also offered a platform for navigating challenges and harnessing the potential of our Nordic collective efforts.

Conference dinner at Münchenbryggeriet. Photo: Linnea Sjöberg

When reflecting on the enriching experiences at NKG 2024, NEAR thanks Carin Lennartsson, NKG Congress President, and the organizing committee for their exceptional work. Seamless execution, inspiring sessions, and warm hospitality contributed to the congress’ success. NEAR appreciates the opportunity to engage with the geriatric academic community and is grateful for the insightful discussions and connections made. Together we are forging the way in aging research.

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