General instructions for application to the NEAR platform

To apply for access to the databases, you need to fill in the application form [link to be available soon], in which we ask for:

  • Contact information for the applicant, and information regarding the co-applicants.
  • Short abstract.
  • List of which variables/cohorts for which years are included in the application.
  • Attachment: CV and ethical permit

The abstract should include a short background, aim and research questions, and data management (e.g. harmonization of variables or meta-analyses).

At the Maelstrom webpage you can find information of variables for most of the studies included in near. To identify variables in the other studies you need to contact Alexander Darin Mattsson who will help you. The more specified list of variables you can provide the better it is and the faster you will get help.

Your application will be reviewed by the NEAR team, which will then send requests to corresponding NEAR PI:s. After their approval, the NEAR team will assist you with your project. All data will be handled in accordance with the Karolinska Institute implementation of the GDPR regulation.

Questions? Please contact Debora Rizzuto or Alexander Darin Mattsson at NEAR.