Apply for NEAR data

Apply for NEAR data


General instructions on how to apply for NEAR data

To apply for access to the databases, the main and co-applicants need to fill in the application form at the NEAR platform and submit it online. Please note that you need to register in the top-right corner before you can submit the data request application. Applications are evaluated continuously; non-complete applications will be returned with request to be completed before further processing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not received a confirmation email after you have registered, please check your junk box. For technical questions, please email: or leave a message on the NEAR platform (top right corner under “Contact us”).

Please note that:  

  • Applicants should read and agree to the NEAR policies.
  • An application should cover only one well-defined aim with no more than three interrelated research questions that typically result in one scientific report. Applicants that want to address more aims should subdivide their project and apply for each aim successively. An applicant can submit a new application once the data harmonization and analyses have been completed within the first project. 
  • All requested documents should be completed and attached. Ethical approval may be submitted after acceptance but note that no data will be delivered before approval of the ethical application. The requested documents are:  
  1. Application form (including main and co-applicants, contact information, project title, project description)
  2. CV of the main applicant. The main applicant should be employed in a university or a scientific institute as an assistant professor, associate professor, lecturer, professor or equivalently.
  3. List of the variables needed for the project. You should list the desired variables in your application. After approval, NEAR Central Operational Group will instruct you on how to identify the actual variables and help with the documentation of the process. Please visit the NEAR platform for information on databases and to search available variables. Some databases (SHARE-Sweden and SIMPLER) follow other procedures for data request, NEAR OG will help with the application for these data. 
  4. Ethical approval

Your application will be reviewed by the NEAR team, which will then send requests to the corresponding NEAR PIs. After their approval, the NEAR team will assist you with your project. All data will be handled in accordance with the Implementation of the GDPR regulation at Karolinska Institutet.

Everytime you plan to use NEAR data for a grant/project application you need to have a written permission from the local PIs of the applicable databases. You also need to notify the NEAR Central.

Questions? Please contact Debora Rizzuto or Maria Wahlberg at NEAR.