In the Media

12 May, 2020

On the Swedish public television show Agenda on Sunday, 10 May, the NEAR PI and collaborator Professor Ingmar Skoog took part in a discussion panel about the failure to protect the elderly in Sweden. The discussion starts at the 11-minute mark. (In Swedish.)

16 April, 2020

In Läkartidningen, 30 leading Swedish researchers in aging research offered their help to the government and Swedish governmental agencies to secure the best care for the elderly, the group most affected by the coronavirus. Read the opinion article here»»

16 April, 2020

NEAR PI:s and other Swedish aging researchers wrote an opinion piece for Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet, regarding age discrimination during the coronavirus pandemic.

7 April, 2020

Professor Ingmar Skoog, head of the Gothenburg Population studies and member of the NEAR Steering board, is interviewed on Swedish Television, Channel 4, on 6 April (in Swedish).

12 July, 2019

Read about NEAR in the second issue 2019 of “äldre i centrum”, which is a research magazine on older adults and aging. ÄiC 2-19 ARC_Latest

29 March, 2019

Read about NEAR in the second issue of SVEPET (Memebership journal for the Association of Swedish Epidemiology). http://Medlemstidning för Svensk Epidemiologisk Förening